The Quilt House

The Quilt House

Peggy has only been quilting for a year but has really caught the bug. (See more of her work on the testimonial page). Her most recent quilt, which she designed herself is a bookcase quilt. To do justice to the design, each book is individually ditch-stitched, with a little stippling in the background. I designed a simple border to complement the rest of the quilt. Peggy is going to embroider book titles on the spines of the books.

​​Professional long-arm quilting service.

​​Professional long-arm quilting service.

​​Professional long-arm quilting service.

Quilting Rates 

Base fee(charged for all quilts which are quilted on the long arm machine).

Includes consultation, loading machine, basic preparation of quilt, basting edges and up to 3 bobbins of thread.      $35.00

Edge to edge quilting. Most E2E designs fall into this category.    $4.50 per unit.*

Dense E2E quilting. Certain designs which are more complex and require greater time and thread.    $4.80 per unit *

Re-load/turning quilt For separate borders etc    $25

Custom quilting Basic custom quilting from $12 per unit*. Advanced/heirloom custom quilting from $20 per unit*.

Machine basting for hand quilting. Stabilises and prepares quilt for you to hand quilt.    $2:00 per unit*

Binding (all corners are mitred).

  • Ready-cut/machine attached (customer to hand sew to back).    $1.80 per lineal foot.
  • Ready cut/machine attach and The Quilt House to hand sew to back.   $5.00 per lineal foot.
  • The Quilt House to cut/make/attach and hand sew to back.    $5.50 per lineal foot.

Additional thread  Where more than 3 bobbins required.    $3.00 per bobbin.

Use of Monofilament thread $35

Change of thread colour $5

Batting  Matilda’s Own 60/40 (Wool/polyester) can be supplied. 240cm/95 inches wide.    $22.00 per metre
              Matilda's Own 100% Cotton can be supplied. 240cm/95 inches wide.   $22.00 per metre

              A small number of individual quilt wadings (e.g King size) are also available for sale. Please enquire.
* A unit is a square foot.

The Consultation

When a customer brings a quilt for quilting, I ask questions about the quilt to determine who the eventual owner will be and the quilt's probable usage, for example will it be hung on a wall, used to decorate a bed as a topper, or used to snuggle under on the family couch?  What are the design likes and dislikes of the owner? How much does the customer wish to spend? On the basis of the information I gather, I can make suggestions about the quilt design to be used and how densely the quilt should be quilted. I have a large range of quilting patterns from which to choose, and many of them are stitched on fabric samples so that you can see exactly how they look. (See photo below).

During the consultation we also discuss thread colours. I use Aurifil Cotton Mako 40 on my machine and have access to the full range of 270 colours, including some variegated colours.  For more information on thread- choice go to the Tips and Tricks page.

For customers who cannot physically visit The Quilt House, consultations can be done over the phone and by email, or a combination.

The consultation is all about working out how to best serve you the customer, and produce a result that you love!

How​ to calculate the unit size of your quilt and work out the price to have it quilted.

Measure your quilt 3 times across its width, taking care to avoid the edges. Take an average of the 3 measurements. This is measurement A.

Measure your quilt 3 times across its length, taking care to avoid the edges. Take an average of the 3 measurements. This is measurement B.

Now multiply AxB and divide by 144. This is the number of units (actually square feet) in your quilt.

For example, for a quilt which measures 50 inches wide and 70 inches long, the equation would be:

     50x70 ÷ 144 = 24.3 units

If such a quilt were to be quilted edge to edge using a standard E2E pattern, the charge would be :    

           $4.00x 24.3 =$97.20

           +$30 base fee

           Total: $127.20

If you find this thoroughly confusing, don’t worry! I am very happy to discuss your requirements and give you an obligation free quote.

These prices are a guide. During the consultation process a firm estimate can be given.​

Payment Method: Payment by card is not available. I prefer cash payments or direct debit. Bank details are on the bottom of your invoice.

Please refer to the Tips and Tricks page for more information on how to prepare your quilt, how to choose a quilting design, and the selection of thread, plus other useful information.